BYOB Restaurants in Chicago

In my foodie research,
I found Tyler Colman (a.k.a. Dr. Vino). 

Tyler’s an expert on all things wine.  He has compiled a list (and map) of all the BYOB restuarants in Chicago.  So, for all you BYOB fans, give Dr. Vino a visit if you have a hankering to bring your favorite wine along to sip on your culinary journey:

Dr Vino Chicago

Jean Iverson also publishes a  purse-sized guidebook list book with  nearly 300 BYOBs located in and around the city and suburbs. Featuring restaurants that not only allow but encourage customers to bring their own wine, beer, or spirits, this updated edition reflects the continued growth of the BYOB trend in Chicago, as more people are learning to appreciate the savings and personal enjoyment of bringing their own bottles of wine, beer, or spirits to dinner. Handy indices listing restaurants by location and cuisine are coupled with insightful information on food-pairing guidelines, BYOB etiquette, and local liquor laws to help restaurant-goers create a perfect dining experience.

You can pick it up on Amazon for under $10!

BYOB Chicago: Your Guide to Bring-Your-Own-Bottle Restaurants and Wine & Spirits Stores in Chicago (BYOB Guides)

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Best of the Best Restaurants and Dining in Chicago


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