A Courvoisier Mojito Seduction

Allan and I attended a media event the other night sponsored by Courvoisier.  It was held at this ornate bistro called the Crimson Lounge.  The folks at Courvoisier are all about brand and image. They scored by having the event at Crimson; it was a nice marriage of brand and atmosphere. The Crimson has Victorian era  heavy drapery, period piece chairs, chandeliers and lots of dimly lit candles. It’s kind of a seductive place and, that’s the point. Courvoisier wanted to seduce us with their brand.

There were very petite women in high heels and little black skirts strutting around with trays of Courvoisier cocktails, and short male servers quietly passing around tiny bites of shrimp, caprese salad on sticks, baby quiche, beef tenderloin with button mushrooms and a tuna wasable nibble.  The hostess gave us a number to be announced for our blind tasting.  When our number was called, like lemings to the Courvoisier, we gathered in a side room that looked rigged up for a seance. In front of us were two baby snifters of the liquid gold and a blindfold. (Is this getting kinky yet?). 

Our leader asked us to put on the blindfold (to increase our sense of smell). We were then asked to hold the baby snifter up to our nose. As this was going on, one by one, someone went around the room spraying a particular scent:  orange, creme brulee, coffee, vanilla etc.  Each time the scent reached my nose it co-mingled perfect with the scent coming from the courvoisier.  It was quite a multi- scented experience!  Oh, and then we were able to drink the liquid gold. It sure makes your insides feel warm and comforted.

So, now I know that there is more than one way to skin the Courvoisier cat.  I don’t just have pour it for my guests to swill with their stogies.  We can serve tropical like pre-dinner cocktails, and we can all get blindfolded and catch the wave of the scent.

All in all it was a very nice representation of or extension of the brand. And I got to keep the blindfold!



1 part Courvoisier Exclusif Cognac

1 part club soda

2 parts Ginger Ale

Fresh, chopped lime

4 mint leaves for muddling

Mint leaves for garnish

Muddle lime and mint leaves with a splash of club soda. Fill glass with ice and add the Courvoisier Exclusif and Ginger Ale. Gently shake all ingredients together and pour over the ice filled glass. Top off with club soda and garnish with fresh mint leaves.


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