New Book by Chicago Pastry Chef Sarah Levy


To quote the book inside cover
Sarah Levy has been making great-tasting treats her whole life – and since 2005 when she opened her first shop in Chicago, she’s been sharing her love for great baked goodies, candies and other sweets with the world.”

So now Sarah has migrated successfully into the publishing of her first book, “Sweetness – Delicious Baked Treats for Every Occasion.”


I like the fact that Sarah is a 28 year old entrepreneur, with locations of Sarah’s Pastries and Candies on Oak Street and inside Macy’s in the loop.  She started in the business at 22, so she already has six years of running a very competitive business under her belt.  Sarah is a graduate of Northwestern and then attended the French Pastry School in Chicago I also like the book.  In general, pastry chef’s tend to intimidate me (right up there with IT people).  As a passionate cook, I know my “zone” so to speak.  The language and rules of pastry are quite different. I don’t feel studied in them.

Along comes Sarah Levy to demystify it all for me.  The first section of the book breaks down things like tools of the trade, methods and techniques.  I respect people who “open their kimono” so to speak about their passion.  There is some degree of wizardry in cooking; I know there is some in creating desserts and candy.

The actual recipes in the book are broken down by categories such as “Social Gatherings, Hostess Gifts and Matters of Love.”  Sarah choose fairly simple recipes and then was kind enough to break them down for the non-chef.  In each recipe she has a section called “Breaking it down which gives the reader some alternative ingredients, or some “hook” from the recipe.  On the left side of each recipe you’ll find “all you need” for prep and execution of the recipe. For example, in order to make Amy’s Awesome Cream Cheese Frosting on page 58, you’ll need a sifter and a stand mixer.  On this side, she will also tell you how many servings the recipe makes and information about storage life.

So, if you’d like this process to be demystified or if you have a passion for serving people delicious sweets made by you, here’s a link to buy the  book on Amazon.
Sweetness: Delicious Baked Treats for Every Occasion

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