Forget CupCakes…Have a Yum Cake!

Sure you have had cupcakes –
but have you had a YUM CAKE? 

“I started baking in my bedroom on Saturdays
in my easy bake oven. Even then I loved to
experiment with different textures and flavors.
Sometimes I would add things like crushed
cereal or cookies to the batter to see how it
would turn out.”
  says  Chicago baker and cupcake visionary Erika Durham.  

I remember buying my very first cookbook at
the school book fair when I was in the fourth
grade. I raced home every day from school to
try a new recipe to share with my family.
I learned right then to infuse love in everything  I baked. I still practice that today. I strive to
recreate experiences with my cupcakes by  combining fresh ingredients with that love.

So, whenever you crave your Grandma’s lemon  meringue pie or your Auntie’s banana pudding
and you can’t quite get to them right away… Give yumcakes a try. There are CookieCakes, SweetCakes, ComfortCakes and Chocolate Cakes! There is bound to be a flavor sure to please  everyone.

With a smart mix of nostalgia and sophistication, baker Erika Durham has created something worlds above the rest of town’s mini, paper-wrapped cakes.

 Place and order online and have them delivered right to your door!


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