Rockit Takes over Martini Ranch with Ay Chiwowa

.When partners Billy Dec, Brad Young and Arturo Gomez
heard that Martini Ranch, a legendary neighborhood gathering spot for
Chicagoans over the last 20 years, would close and be sold, fond
memories of their own at the former hotspot over the years made them
jump at the chance to give it new life! So without knowing what to do
with it, they brought it into the Rockit Ranch
family, and began to think about how it could become appreciated again,
an opposite approach as most operators normally have a concept
developed before they find a home for it. 

Because the venue held so much nostalgia for so many different people, the Rockit Ranch
team wanted to share the process of the venue’s evolution with the
entire city, so the partners made the unprecedented move of inviting the
public to help them choose the next concept. The majority of voters wanted to see a play on “dive bar” comfort and
accessibility with a Mexican cocktail and food component. And with
President Arturo Gomez’s family from Mexico, the team enthusiastically
took on the challenge.
 Making minimal yet impactful upgrades to the space to maintain its
integrity while incorporating Rockit Ranch’s signature design
personality, the team has created a balance of “old AND new.” Meanwhile,
they flew Arturo’s father (Arturo Gomez Sr.) in several times, to work
alongside Rockit Ranch’s partners, chefs and mixologists, taking
inspiration from his favorite drinks and bites from local bars and
street stalls in Mexico, including dry fruit aged tequila, a house-made
double reposado, and extraordinary tequila flights, liquors and
specialty drinks, as well as his street fare favorites, such as tacos,
tortas and tostadas.
!AY CHIWOWA! is born!

Rockit Ranch Productions looks forward to sparking renewed excitement on Chicago Avenue later this winter with ¡AY CHIWOWA!.
Hours will be: Thursday through Sunday, 5 p.m. to 4 a.m, extended to 5
a.m. on Saturday. By summer, the venue hopes to be open seven days a
week. Ay Chiwowa is located at 311 W. Chicago Ave.

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