Chicago is a BYOB city.

There are more than 400 restaurants without a liquor license that allow you to bring wine (or beer if you must). Usually BYOB is offered because a restuarant is waiting for their liquor license to be approved or perhaps they cannot get a license because of a restrictive ordinance. For the consumer, you have the luxury of enjoying great food and are able to save big on the bar bill!

Always keep in mind, the restaurant is still providing you a service. They usually open the wine for you and some will chill the wine in a bucket at your table. It is proper etiquette to calculate extra for the tip, since they have provided you with extra service. Some restaurants may also charge a small corkage fee.

There is a great book (and site) out called BYOB CHICAGO, by Jean Iversen, which covers about 150 Chicago establishments. Some that I know of…..

* Always Thai
* Art of Pizza, The
* Bhabi’s Kitchen
* Cafe Suron
* Cathedral Cafe
* Coast Sushi
* Cozy Noodles & Rice
* Cucina di Donatella, La
* Dharma Garden Thai
* F212
* Green Tea
* Hama Matsu
* Hemas
* Kanok Sushi
* Katy’s Dumpling House
* Los Nopales
* Mr. Thai  * Nookies
* Nuevo Leon
* Orange
* Palmito
* Parrot Cage
* Rhythm & Spice
* Rique’s Regional Mexican Food
* Sol de Mexico
* South
* Speakeasy SupperClub
* Tango Sur
* Terragusto
* Think Cafe
* Tre Kronor
* Wholly Frijolies Mexican Grill 

Michael Snell
for Best of the Best Dining Chicago


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