Oprah’s 21 Day Detox and My New Mantra: Little Bites

Oprah with Kathy Freston

I happened to watch Oprah the day she announced that she was on board to spend 21 days cleansing her body of sugar, meat, gluten, alcohol, chicken, fish, eggs et al.  She’d adopted Kathy Freston’s program and her book Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit .  Kathy, by the way, looked radiant on the show. She was really glowing and beautiful. Something here is working.

Have you guys out there in reader-land ever given up one or many of these gifts from God at least once in your life?  I have. Many times.  I have been on almost every type of diet known to man and woman kind.  As part and parcel, I have given up calories, fat, flavor, and all of the indulgences of the taste bud.

First of all, I believe that it is really a good idea (as the time is right) to cleanse our bodies of toxins.  I am also an advocate of eating healthy.  I am also a human being.  That’s the tough part – being a human. We have this food DNA that triggers things. I actually was at Harpo for a meeting a few weeks ago (before Oprah went on the plan). My friend and I were hungry and we went to the baby cafeteria on the first floor there.  The main dish was ravioli. I smelled the ravioli and said to myself “I want some.”  I knew from the smell that I liked ravioli and wanted to proceed right to eating it.

I remember being on “Sugarbusters” one time.  Even though I do not consider myself addicted to sugar – completely eliminating sugar does change your body and your energy overall.  It took about two weeks of withdrawal.  I was tired.

My latest is that I have given up sweet & low or any of those artificial sweeteners. I used to put some every morning in my coffee. So, without the sweetener, I was attempting to drink the coffee and YUCK – it was really awful to me.  So, now I don’t have coffee in the morning. I have also given up buying any type of soda. I don’t have any in the house. Once or twice a month I have soda out. But that’s it. These are things that I believe I could get rid of and not feel any compelling need to go back to.  My point is that most of us are trying to get better with this eating and living and exercising thing at any given point of time.

Back to Oprah. As we know, she has a “ton” of influence.  If she says “go try to be a vegan” – you can bet that many, many will follow and try. If the psychology behind this cleanse is that she is cleaning out her body – I embrace it (funny though – she did not ask my opinion).  If she thinks that the cleanse will end up in a permanent lifestyle change – well, as she and we all know – that is really really difficult.

I am now working on the Giada De Laurentiis school of portion control. (above) She is so fit and thin, and cooks all of this amazing food, unless she has an incredible metabolism, it must be little bites.  I was always worried about the starving people in Africa (and I still am). Being a plate cleaner is hard to reverse if it is really ingrained in your inner psyche. 

Portion control rules.  And exercise. 
And little bites could really be enough. Really.

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