Chicago’s Uncommon Ground Named GREENEST RESTAURANT in US

This is really impressive!

Uncommon Ground on Devon (their newest location) was just awarded with the title of the Greenest Restaurant in the U.S. by the Green Restaurant Association.  – 

What spot came in second? Uncommon Ground’s Lakeview location near Wrigley Field.

WE  have been a fan of this spot for about 10 years. And they were green and socially responsible, before it was fashionable!

“I’m proud to have in our  City of Chicago the Greenest
Restaurant in the
Country,” ….“Uncommon Ground is a great  example of what our city can  do and what our country can do, use water and energy more
efficiently, grow more  sustainable food, while boasting the
most sustainable businesses.”

– Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Uncommon Ground had to pass a number of requirements to achieve the title, but according
to the GRA, it passed 116 environmental steps earning it a four-star
rating, 365 green points and taking the No. 1 spot in seven categories.
Owners Michael and Helen Cameron were recognized for
their use of solar panels and reclaimed wood, building the nation’s
first organic rooftop farm, turning used fryer oil into biodiesel fuel
and so much more.



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