Chefs in Chicago Would have a Field Day if Marijuana Becomes Legal

Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment legalizing pot for personal recreational use. In fact, more voted here in favor of pot legalization than voted for President Obama!

And the chefs in Colorado are creating dishes to make you happy and stimulate your appetite!

Longtime advocates for marijuana use, Scott and his wife and business
partner Wanda James (they run Simply Pure Products) have something to
be truly thankful for this week. 

“We have had medical marijuana in
Colorado now for almost three years,” said James. “What we have seen
from that is tremendous amounts of revenue. There has been nothing but
positive in Colorado since medical marijuana has come.

that’s why we’ve seen so many people vote to go ahead and legalize
marijuana here in Colorado, because the sky did not fall underneath
medical marijuana.”

The success of dispensaries has already spawned a whole new business: Edible marijuana.

Cannabis cuisine has come a long way from Alice B. Toklas’ 1954 “haschish fudge” recipe.

For today’s cooking aficionados, cannabis can complement pretty much everything from chilli to olive oil. (Just 2 teaspoons of marijuana-infused olive oil  is equivalent to about three and a half, four joints). 

With quality weed going for up to $450 an ounce, it is way more
expensive than truffles, caviar or foie gras, but Durrah says it’s worth
every penny.

I wonder what Grant Achatz would create……..

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