Greenest Restaurant in US is UNCOMMON GROUND

In recent years, 4 Star Certified Green Restaurants® across the country have engaged in a lively competition to secure the esteemed title of the World’s Greenest Restaurant®.

Chicago’s Uncommon Ground held this title from December 2011 to March
2012, and has continued to make environmental changes across their
operations. The 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® has now
earned over 447 GreenPoints™ based on the rigorous certification
standards of the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). With more
GreenPoints™ than any restaurant in the world, the GRA has once again
crowned Uncommon Ground as the World’s Greenest Restaurant®.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel proudly states:

proud to have in our City of Chicago the Greenest Restaurant in the
Country. Uncommon Ground is a great example of what our city can do and
what our country can do, use water and energy more efficiently, grow
more sustainable food, while boasting the world’s most sustainable


Highlights of Uncommon Ground’s Environmental Accomplishments: 

 Uncommon Ground continues to make tremendous
progress by taking 132 environmental steps in the categories of food,
water, waste, energy, chemicals, disposables and building materials,


Near Zero Waste™ Restaurant:

While the average restaurant in
America generates 100,000 pounds of trash each year, Uncommon Ground has
implemented full-scale recycling and composting programs to divert 95%
of its waste from landfills.    


Energy Conservation:

The 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant®
has earned over 156 GreenPoints™ in the environmental category of
Energy alone by updating 100% of its lighting to more sustainable LED,
CFL and T8 Lamps, using high-efficiency equipment, producing renewable
energy onsite, and much more.   


Sustainable Food:Uncommon
Ground consistently sources sustainable food, as 71% of their food
purchases are vegan or vegetarian, and 24% of their food purchases come
from within 300 miles – including the restaurant’s own certified organic
sidewalk & rooftop farms.


Discover the specific environmental steps  

Uncommon Ground has taken to become the  

World’s Greenest Restaurant®  

by visiting: 


“Uncommon Ground is an
inspiration for the restaurant industry. It was just a year ago that we
crowned Uncommon Ground as the World’s Greenest Restaurant®,
and they continue to push the fold even further,” says Michael Oshman,
the CEO and Founder of the Green Restaurant Association. “Uncommon
Ground has motivated restaurants across the country to take that extra
step to become more sustainable – from sourcing truly local food and
composting organic waste, to taking steps to save energy and water. If
every restaurant followed Uncommon Ground’s environmental leadership,
the impact would be enormous.”


About Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Ground is an independently owned & operated restaurant located in in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago.  We
are open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner daily and feature
contemporary comfort cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal, regional,
organic ingredients. The bar features renowned house-infused organic
cocktails, a selection of local craft beers and an eclectic American
wine list.  Enjoy a certified organic sidewalk farm-lined outdoor café in the summer & 2 warm, cozy fireplaces in the winter.  National music acts perform nightly in an intimate acoustic listening room while art openings feature local Chicago artists.


“First Certified Organic Side Walk Farm in the Country” – M.O.S.A. 2012


Recipient of the “Governor’s Sustainability Award” – 2010 & 2011


Winner of the “Mayor’s Landscape Award”, City of Chicago 2009, 2010 & 2011


Winner of the prestigious “USGBC Environ-motion Award” – March, 2009


Finalist in the National Restaurant Association “Innovator of the Year Awards”

– in the category of Sustainability – May 2012


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