Taverna 750 in Lakeview is one of Chicago’s Best Restaurants

It’s rare when a restaurant opens and everyone likes it and has everyone’s tongue wagging! And with today’s social media outlets, everyone has an opinion. 

Taverna 750, is a highly rated ZAGAT  hotspot in Chicago’s East Lakeview!
As they approach their 2 year anniversary, things could not get any better!
It’s been voted Best Italian Restaurant,
Best Hidden Gem,
Best Date Restaurant,
Best Brunch,
Best Martinis,
and Best Sidewalk Cafe!
Growing up, Paul Cannella always heard his family talk about working and
eating in his grandfather’s tavern. They’d always talk about the
“tavern,” but Cannella never knew, until recently, that his grandfather
owned the Grand Tap Room, an upscale Italian restaurant in the 1930s and
’40s, where a steak was $1.50! 

Taverna 750 is the best of old school Italian with a contemporary flair. Cannella is bringing back his Grandfather Paul J.
Loverde’s and Uncle Chuckie Abruzzini’s classic Italian tried and true
family recipes. But made current and relevant to today’s times. 

 We love everything on the menu here. But I am very
impressed by attention to detail, flavor, service  and presentation.

Keep in mind  many items change
seasonally. The restaurant just launched a new spring menu with all kinds of awesome dishes! 

Beets and Strawberries – $8.00
Roasted baby beets, basil puree, goat cheese sorbet, pumpernickel croutons, citrus dressing, baby arugula.

Crab Cakes – $12.00
Smoked chorizo, charred spring onion gremolata, shaved asparagus salad, shaved pear.

Tuna Confit – $16.00
Olive oil poached tuna, olive marmaletta, pine nut puree, fingerling potato.

Chicken Marengo – $13.00
San marzano tomatoes, white wine, maitake mushroom, squash noodles, black olive, grated egg yolk.

Buttermilk Braised Pork Shoulder – $14.00
Fregola pasta, chickpea broth, hazelnut, apricot, bittersweet chocolate.

Is your mouth watering yet?

They don’t refer to themselves as a tapas place, and it is clear that the dishes are quite larger than typical tapas. This a “sharing” place
where people are encouraged to share their meals and the dishes are
placed in the center of the table.

All of Taverna 750’s entrees are
small plates, meant for sharing at the table. For 2 people ideally. A table of 5 can not share one plate, as one Yelper complained!

For small plates, the
portions are generous and their prices are very affordable so you can share several items at one sitting.  You will be blown away by the quality and the tastes. Small plates are served European-style, coming out of the kitchen
as they’re ready.Which is how I like it.

The quality of the reasonably priced dishes really gives the food at the
much pricier downtown places like RPM Italian a run for their money.

Understanding the history, the life cycle, the environment in which it grows, all make me proud to serve the dishes I do. It’s this understanding and appreciation for ingredients that make me feel connected to the food, which in my opinion transcends to the diner eating the food. You can just tell the difference between something that tastes good and something that has been treated with respect and care.” says Chef Christopher Coker.

AND THE DRINKS! Let me tell you,  mixologist Benjamin Newby, a big name in the Chicago restaurant scene and 
one of Chicago’s most celebrated and recognizable drink creators is stirring things up at Taverna. I already thought they had a perfect drink menu. The martinis that come with a bonus sidecar is brilliant!  Ben is known for creating innovative
drinks enjoyed by both the connoisseur and the person looking for a
great libation.

His latest recipes shine at Taverna 750. He developed a  spring
cocktail menu and did some tweaking on existing cocktails, to further raise the bar.  He has launched six seasonal creations available through
the end of summer and will roll out a patio beverage menu when the
weather FINALLY warms up – that could be any day now!

Brunch, dinner or late night – this place has something for everyone!

As we near the two year anniversary of Taverna in June, I’ve
never felt more confident in the overall product that we are bringing to
the city of Chicago.” 
says  owner Paul Cannella“We’ve
learned a lot, and we’ve grown a lot.  The food and beverage menus are
by far the best we’ve produced to date.  When you combine that with the
staff we’ve worked hard to train, and they’re passion for working at
Taverna, I can’t help but smile thinking about how we are going to  put a lot of smiles on people’s faces all summer long.”

Reservations are always highly suggested, as this hotspot can be very busy!
Taverna 750        750 W Cornelia Ave  Chicago, IL 60657  ph. 773-904-7466


Specials include:
Monday – $10 Italian Dinner
$5 Chef’s Choice Pasta
$5 Quartino’s of Wine
Tuesday – Wine Night
$2 Glasses
$20 Bottles
(Select Varieties)
Wednesday – Midweek Treat
Complimentary Dessert on us with any purchase of Dinner!!!
Thursday/Friday/Saturday – Chef’s Special
Friday/Saturday – 100% Club – Late Night
100% of proceeds off 100% menu go to charity of the month
Sunday – $25 Martini Brunch
2 Courses and 2 Martinis + Champagne for $25
(Saturday Brunch Starts 4/20)


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