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Hastens, BEST Mattresses in the World at Bloomingdales Chicago

Bloomingdales Now Proudly Representing Hästens Handmade Mattresses from Sweden


Mattresses?  on a food  and wine  website??

Like fine food and fine wine, there is something to be said about the finest handmade mattress in the entire world!

We spend 1/3 of our life in bed. There are proven scientific studies that show there is a correlation between better mattress and  better nights sleep.

Hästens has a rich history running back through six generations and the journey to where they are now is one filled with passion, skill and the pursuit of making the best handcrafted beds in the world. The bond that ties all of Hästens together is their Spirit of Excellence, a way of working and thinking that brings you the best sleep you’ll ever have.

Hästens was born in Sweden in 1852 and from the day they made their first bed, natural materials have always played a fundamental role. In 1852 cotton, horsetail hair, wool and flax were superior to other materials and, surprisingly, even today… that remains the case. And, then as it is now, the best way to craft using these materials is by hand. This tradition of hand craftsmanship gives their bed makers a deeply rooted understanding and mastery of both their art, and the natural materials that are so crucial to its consolidation.


Bloomingdales is so proud to now be representing Hästens in our Mattress Gallery located in our Medinah Home Store at 600 North Wabash Avenue. Please feel free to come in and feel for yourself what all the buzz is about! My name is Derrick Sorles, a Furniture and Mattress Specialist at Bloomingdales, please reach out and make an appointment and I am happy to showcase how Hästens Sleep Systems can change your life!


Dine at Fogo and Help Childhood Hunger

  From   Internationally-renowned Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão



                                               HELP END CHILDHOOD HUNGER


Receive a $25 Dining Card by Visiting any Fogo de Chão Restaurant through July 23 and Donating $5 to No Kid Hungry



            Fogo de Chão invites everyone to dine at any of its U.S. and Puerto Rico locations this July 10 – 23 and receive a $25 dining card (which can be applied to the purchase of two dinners upon future visit) with every $5 donation made in-restaurant to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization whose mission is to end childhood hunger in America.


Every dollar counts, and each $5 donation can provide up to 50 meals to the children who need it most (each dollar connects a child with up to 10 healthy meals). Learn more at  There’s much work to be done as one in six kids struggles with hunger every day in the United States.

The $25 dining card is only valid with the purchase of two dinners and can be redeemed from July 24, 2017 – October 1, 2017.


WHEN:                NOW  thru Sunday, July 23, 2017


WHERE:              All locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico (click here for details)


               Fogo de Chão is a leading Brazilian steakhouse, or churrascaria, which has specialized for more than 37 years in fire-roasting high-quality meats utilizing the centuries-old Southern Brazilian cooking technique of churrasco. Fogo offers guests a wide variety of simply seasoned meats that are carefully fire-roasted to expose their natural flavors. The company was founded in 1979 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and expanded into the U.S. in 1997. There are currently 48 locations throughout Brazil, the United States, and Mexico, including locations in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Mexico City.


Additionally, Fogo offers a gourmet Market Table & Feijoada Bar, which includes seasonal salads, soup, fresh vegetables, feijoada (traditional black bean stew with rice, fresh orange and yuca flour), and much more. Southern Brazilian side dishes such as pão de queijo (warm cheese bread), crispy hot polenta, and caramelized bananas are served family style. To further complement the dining experience, the restaurant offers an award-winning wine list, tempting dessert menu, and creative and classic cocktails. Guests may also choose between lighter seafood selections, or enjoy the gourmet Market Table only option. For more information, visit Fogo.comFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.





Trader Joes Recall – Salads and Wraps

Glass Onion Catering in Richmond is recalling more than 181,000 pounds
of its ready-to-eat salads and sandwich wraps with fully cooked chicken
or ham.

The FDA says the products may be contaminated with E. Coli. At least 26 people in three states have become sick.

The products involve several brands including, Trader Joe’s Field Fresh
Chopped Salad with grilled chicken and Mexicali Salad with Chili Lime

 The products were produced between September 23 and November 6.

For detailed information from the USDA on the recall, click here.


Farrells eXtreme Bodyshaping Will Get You Ready for Summer

Chicago Restaurant Week is OVER! 

How much did you eat???

Summer is Coming…Are You Ready?

What if I told you, that you could have a better body in 10 weeks?

 A program designed to shake up your body and metabolism. 6 times a weeks for 10 weeks!

I guarantee you will see results!

I discovered Farrell’s eXtreme Body Shaping this Winter.  I  joined the
first 10 week session to officially launch in Chicago, in January.

I am  in Week 8, and  have seen great results, and plan to continue on
with the program this Spring. I have seen my body fat drop and my 
muscle mass grow. But everyone has different goals.

                      for the next Session which Begins in April

In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, (yes!  6 days  a week!)   Farrell’s can help you make
real changes in your fitness and overall health. Results are typical
with the Farrell’s program. In 10 weeks with Farrell’s, you will see the
eXtreme changes you expect out of your fitness and nutrition

The local owner and instructor Jason does an awesome job. He first went
through the Farrell’s program in Iowa. Went on to become an instructor,
then moved to Chicago last year to open this location.

The Farrell’s program combines four essential elements needed to make eXtreme changes in your bodyshape:

  • Cardiovascular exercise to Burn Fat
  • Strength training to Build Muscle
  • Nutrition plan to help you Eat Healthy
  • Instructors and coaches to keep you Encouraged throughout your journey

“Our mission is simple:

We want to inspire you to live your life with power and purpose.

What others are saying on Yelp!

“FXB hands down has been the most successful, motivating, and super fun
program I have ever done in my journey to health and wellness.  I joined
with my cousin who heard of the program from her home town and friends
that had done it.  In fact one of her friends was the $1000 winner!  She
knew already that this program worked and I was excited to try it.  For
only 45 minutes, 6 days a week I get to escape the grind of life and do
something just for me. ”

“Jason, our coach, is the best!  He
explains all the moves, techniques, and proper form extremely well and
ensures that you are doing it right.  He is a super motivator and pushes
you when you need to be pushed.  He gets to know each and every one of
us and is always available to answer questions and stay connected to
ensure you are following the program to level 10. “

If you show up to class and follow the plan, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!
Guaranteed – or your money back.

Don’t miss the next session of classes – and get a banging beach body NOW!

FARRELL’S eXtreme Body Shaping

Farrell’s eXtreme Body Shaping
821 W. Blackhawk        Off Halsted,     S. of North Ave.



Paula Deen Has Diabetes and Cuts Million $ Deal with Drug Company


She has been criticized for promoting fat-laden, unhealthy recipes.

it seems that Paula Deen – the Southern TV cook who once said she
couldn’t live without butter and a deep-fat fryer – may be set to reveal
she has Type 2 diabetes.

The news the butter and sugar industries didn’t want to believe was
coming but knew was coming has finally hit the fan.

After months of rumors, our butter queen  Paula  is about to announce that she’s been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

 The Daily says
that Paula has quietly worked out a multimillion dollar deal with
Novartis, the drug she’s currently taking for her diabetes, to be their
new spokesperson.

Paula is expected to announce this any day now. A
source also says that Paula will probably change the way she cooks and
the days of making deep fried chocolate noodles with creamed cheesecake
sauce are probably  behind her.

NBC released a statement that Paula will be exclusively addressing the issue on the Today show on Tuesday morning.


2012 Chicago Bootcamp – Farrell’s Extreme BodyShaping

Tis the season – 
      excessive eating and drinking!

We all make New Year’s resolutions, and often these resolutions involve weight loss or fitness goals.

Research has shown that, after six months, fewer than half the people who make New Year’s resolutions have stuck with them.

On the hopeful side, other research has reported that some simple
strategies can help us stick with our New Year’s resolutions, for
example, setting specific goals, sharing our resolutions with others, and focusing on the benefits of achieving the resolution.

What if I told you, in 10 weeks, less than 3 months, you can change your body?

10 weeks  to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle and be encouraged by others going thru the same steps!

Farrell’s® 10-Week Challenge combines exercise through fitness kickboxing and strength training, nutrition,
a coach, certified instructors, teammates and a $1000 contest to
motivate you to transformation. The Farrell’s team will lead you to a
healthy lifestyle, weight loss, increased lean muscle mass and complete
body transformation.

Farrell’s is different than the traditional health club, gym or fitness
center.  Every class is an instructor led group fitness experience. 
In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, Farrell’s can help you make
real changes in your fitness and overall health.

Your coach and teammates are always right there to help you stay
motivated and to push you to find your level 10.  It’s a win- win for EVERYONE!  You WILL  succeed!

NOW IN CHICAGO!  at  821 W. Blackhawk Street.     (North & Clybourn)

The first 10 week session will begin January 21st, and they are 
accepting enrollments on  NOW in the lobby of the Blackhawk on
Halsted building.  The lobby entrance is directly South of REI on
Halsted.  Structured parking is available at the back of the building for parking convenience.

TELL THEM YOU READ ABOUT THEM on  Best Food & Wine Chicago!!